Why a Future-Proof ERP System is Important to Your Business

Learn the top tips to future-proof your ERP system.

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With today’s technology advancing at Mach speeds, many companies find that the ERP solutions they invested in heavily not so long ago weren’t future-proof. They are now considered legacy systems, which no longer meet company needs or provide competitive advantages.

Read it and weep.

So, how do today’s manufacturing execs successfully soar to the cloud – with the CFO’s buy-in – and future-proof their ERP systems?

If you want business success and progress in the future, the optimum moment to plan and act is now. In a quick-paced, growth-oriented business, you require more than simple accounting software. No matter what the future holds, you need features that can adapt to your evolving company needs, expanded functionality, and seamless connectivity with other systems.

A cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can make a difference as you successfully plan to move your business into the future. This article will examine general strategies for future-proofing your company and how an ERP solution helps accomplish your objectives.

How you view the future and equip your company to adapt to and thrive in that yet-to-occur business environment is future-proofing. Putting systems in place that help you lessen stress about the future, anticipate and adjust to ongoing challenges, and limit the negative impacts of forthcoming events put you squarely in the pilot’s seat.

A state-of-the-art cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be the difference as you successfully plan to move your business into the future. This article will examine general strategies for future-proofing your company and how an ERP solution accomplishes this.

Developing a Future-Proof Business

Quote: The best way to predict the future is to create it - Abraham Lincoln

What steps can your company take to ensure its future? Creating a multifaceted future-proofing strategy will increase your chances as your business works to establish the foundation for ongoing success. By doing so, you’ll be able to tackle problems in the future from various perspectives and have the highest chance of succeeding.

Enhancing the financial stability of your company is frequently one of the primary goals of future-proofing. Your capacity to meet and adjust to difficulties is strengthened by shoring up your company’s finances. For instance, if your balance sheet is already robust, you can weather crises more readily, such as losing a key client or facing new competitors in the market. You won’t be left frantically trying to preserve your company since you’ll have financial reserves to fall back on as you change your tactics.

Many businesses also make an effort to implement cutting-edge structural elements and procedures. You have a better chance of succeeding if you have protocols ready to address different scenarios and spend money on formal evaluations of your processes as your business prepares for the future to understand your strengths and limitations. Then you may build on your strengths and invest in software, training, or other resources to help you support your weaker areas.

Additionally, you might want to create detailed action plans that specify the precise steps your business will take in reaction to future occurrences. For instance, you might outline protocols for what to do in the event of a product recall, the expansion of your company into a new nation, or a sudden increase in demand for your goods or services that exceed your capacity to meet it.

What a Future-Proof ERP Solution Can Do for You

Your ERP solution can be crucial as you create plans to guarantee the long-term viability of your business. ERP features like integrated best practices, automated manual operations, and vendor support for new regulatory regulations can assist your company in navigating a changing environment with ease.

Through cloud-based operations, your ERP can also support your strategies for preparing for the future. Due to their reliance on complex technology and licensing, standalone ERP systems frequently only support a small number of users. Companies have considerably more flexibility and room to grow because of cloud platforms. Adding additional team members to various devices is simple because they can work on any number of devices.

Additionally, cloud systems frequently have software adaptable to updates and modifications. They come with solid protection, with improved security due to moving to the cloud. Cloud computing systems can facilitate development and expansion while providing security against potential dangers.

What to Look for in a Future-Proof ERP

What is a future-proof ERP? Firstly, make sure an ERP offers a few essential characteristics and capabilities before relying on it to assist in future-proofing your company:

An entire package: The top ERP systems provide all-encompassing answers to your business problems. A robust system contains planning, budgeting, purchasing, procurement, and financial operations applications that use the same data models and implement established best practices. It assists you in avoiding attempting to piece together solutions from many, occasionally conflicting providers.

A contemporary integration plan: Make sure the design and functionality of your ERP are optimized for interacting with other business systems and facilitating team collaboration.

Scalability: Your ERP system must be able to grow and adapt along with your company. Make sure the solution you select will function just as well if your firm grows to include additional markets, teams, and products as it will when it has a more constrained scope.

Real-time data and analysis:  Allow everyone in your organization to rely on your ERP solution to provide accurate, current data and insights. For usage in reports, reviews, and critical progress indicator (KPI) evaluations, you will want the program to give users access to the most recent data analysis and visuals.

Strong security: Be sure to pick an ERP with the highest levels of protection to protect your company’s private clients and sensitive financial data. Choose a solution that can offer identity management, continuous backups, and timely patch and software upgrades, as well as one that has proven compliance with security legislation and best practices.

How Certus ERP Solutions Can Catapult You to Success

At Certus, we take pride in how successfully our ERP system protects any firm that employs it from future challenges.

Using our data and reporting engine, our ERP system offers robust reporting capabilities, dashboards, KPIs, intercompany financial statements, and data-warehouse interface reporting. It might be the sole reliable source of information for the entire business. While other business-specific modules are offered for convenience and scalability, accounting applications occupy center stage.

Consider the range of advantages it offers:

Core ERP modules: The core ERP modules of our software are available as a fully managed cloud application. You will receive specialized modules for fixed asset management, business intelligence, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and budgeting and forecasting. They provide the instruments to successfully utilize your data and obtain the insights needed for outstanding performance and growth.

Security and compliance: Our ERP solution uses secure cloud infrastructure to isolate each customer’s data completely. Additionally, everything goes through extensive third-party vulnerability testing so that we can address any security flaws before they worsen. We also offer regular server maintenance and regular server monitoring, application upgrades, patching, and testing.

Integration and scalability: Certus’s Cloud ERP software scales easily and interfaces smoothly with other company systems, allowing authorized users to access data quickly and encouraging teamwork. It works equally well for rapidly expanding medium-sized firms, giant corporations, and tiny businesses. It is adaptable enough to develop together with your company and meet new obstacles you face along the way.

A personal touch: Because people are our priority at Certus, we are pleased to assist you in customizing your ERP solution to meet the demands of your business. Our knowledgeable, amiable, and highly educated company professionals are here to help for as long as your system needs it.

Ready for Take-Off?

Certus Group is an international provider of solutions with a primary emphasis on expanding small and medium-sized businesses. By leveraging cutting-edge cloud and mobile technologies, Certus makes ERP’s capabilities accessible to smaller companies straightforwardly and economically.

To access the same complex and pricey ERP solutions that larger businesses use, you only need an internet connection, eliminating the need for the services of IT professionals, servers, or costly software licensing. You can make your firm as effective and profitable as your larger competitors.

In addition to cloud-based services, we provide on-premises and hybrid options for our customers.

Partner with Certus to incorporate the advantages of high-quality ERP software into your future-proofing ERP plans.

To find out more about our future-proof ERP solutions, request a demo.

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