Why you should upgrade to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX

As business leaders, we are all aware that the only constant is change. As organizations grow so do their technologyneeds. So, if you are using any Microsoft Dynamics solution, its time you upgraded to the Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Any business, growing at any speed – adds users, solutions to new business problems, or wants to take advantage of new and improved system functionalities. It is always advisable to keep reviewing the technology you are using, to ensure that it is agile for your currentrequirements.Before considering an investment in any new system, one should ensure that it will allow you to get new upgrades and updates as and when technology or your business needs evolve.

The present day global competitive marketplace demands that organizations are flexible in their business processes so that they can respond quickly to their changing customer demands. Notwithstanding the fact whether you are looking for a new ERP system or a new CRM system, it is always advisable to be prepared to upgrade to a new system. The best approach here would be to opt for a technology that is easy and cost effective when it comes to upgrades.

This is how Microsoft Dynamics AX is easy to modernize and helps to reduce deployment and operational costs

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX provides improved scalability and performance that helps reduce limits on doing business even during high demands or thorough planning organizational growth.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX comes with improved security and reliability. The single sign-on and security features in Microsoft SQL Server help to keep your data secure.
  • Organizations can now consolidate instances by centralizing their ERP implementation.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX comes with virtualization and compression that helps reduce infrastructure costs. This is done through server consolidation with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V server virtualization technology in this new upgrade.
  • Organizations can now experience improved connectivity to support key integration initiatives including those with their business applications and supply chain partners and vendors.
  • With a standard platform, like the Microsoft Dynamics AX in place, it can help organizations implement new business processes to meet” line-of-business” requirements as and when they arise.

Organizations that have implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX have experienced how it has helped them improve productivity with more than 30 Role Centers. Self-service business intelligence and a seamless integration with Microsoft Office are just some of the joys of a successful implementation.

Businesses have now been able to change their supply chain collaboration and increase their organizational agility. For organizations, competing globally, Microsoft Dynamics AX is a god send that helps you by consolidating and standardizing processes to provide visibility throughout your organization – no matter what the location.

In case you are looking for a consultation on Microsoft Dynamics AX do reach to us.

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