How to make your business agile with Infor10 SunSystems

If you are considering a good financial reporting system to make your business more agile, we suggest you consider Infor10 SunSystems. Though there are quite a few good reasons why should choose Infor10 SunSystems, some of the most compelling ones are listed below.

Finance honchos will be happy to know that Infor10 SunSystems supports five currencies per transaction. This can be configured in a variety of ways, so if your financial managers need a real time second base currency for reporting purposes, Infor10 SunSystems will be highly beneficial. Infor10 SunSystems also allows for entry for all forms for transaction entry and reference data entry customizable to your needs. These transaction entry forms can be designed using your own characteristics, rules and attributes making for accurate and efficient transaction entries.

Infor10 SunSystems is also equipped with a graphical report designer. You can have financial reports delivered via web pages or PDF files, as per convenience. Infor10 SunSystems comes with a choice of clients. You can have a thick Windows client which is a true web client. This will mean that you no longer need Terminal Services or Citrix. Using Infor10 WorkSpace, a SharePoint based client, you can experience other contextual information. This can be surfaced and presented to the user as required!

Another plus point that the Infor10 SunSystems has are the customizable menus. This helps you – the user, to personalize the system making for a better user experience and efficiency.

The Infor10 SunSystems has drill in the integrated inquiry screens, providing it with the ability to call external programs. This feature can be used to further enhance the ability to call other external programs. To explain further, you can ping a document management system, and bring up the image of the document required while scrutinizing a transaction such as a purchase invoice or bill.

The Infor10 SunSystems can make your financial reporting system more agile because it has the ability to batch up transactions for inclusion in processes like payment runs and revaluations. This reduces the need to re-extract using selection criteria. Using Control Desks your business financial needs will never be hung up.

Increasing efficiency is one thing with you can achieve with Infor10 SunSystems. Being truly multi-session based, users can have nine different sessions open at the same time. Features like this add up to an individual’s productivity immensely, unlike other financial reporting systems where only a single task is possible at a time!

Another feather in the cap for Infor10 SunSystems is that it is fully ION enabled. Using the new module of the Infor10 ION Suite you can now configure workflows. Alerts that push information which users want to be made aware, can be automated to them for seamless action.

These and many more features make for a strong case for considering changing or upgrading your present financial reporting system to the Infor10 SunSystems.

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