Top 10 benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Small and Medium Enterprises

Benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics GP are many. It is a fully integrated ERP solution that empowers people with familiar software, generates optimal value from all systems, and drives business productivity. It also enables confident decision-making among managers.

Here are the top 10 benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Small and Medium Enterprises

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with the look and feel of familiar software people use every day. Very much like Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Word, and Microsoft Office Excel. This goes a long way in helping to familiarize people with the software, eases user adoption and allows them to perform their jobs with greater productivity. All this helps in achieving the business results small and medium enterprises need with optimal efficiency.

2. The user interface of Microsoft Dynamics GP not only looks like Microsoft Office applications, but also allows one to work with the information from these business management solutions directly within these Microsoft Office system programs.

3. Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to work the way people work. It has a role based structure and personalized views that allow your people to get the data whenever required.

4. Small and medium enterprises don’t have time and resources to spend for training and familiarization. With Microsoft Dynamics GP this is minimized so that employees can start working efficiently in no time.

5. Microsoft Dynamics GP can give SMEs excellent return for their technology investments when integrated with Microsoft Office system applications, Microsoft Retail Management Systems and Small Business Servers.

6. Microsoft Dynamics GP helps SMEs to realize their productivity goals for their employees. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help firms take automation to a new level, help to free managers to focus on the more critical tasks. It also offers many avenues that can help SMEs to boost the business value of information and develop upon the key relationships with partners and vendors.

7. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to automate many recurring workflows, so that they can take place more consistently, ensuring minimal drain on SMEs resources.

8. Microsoft Dynamics GP empowers decision makers at every level to make informed decisions. Business managers can gain practical and actionable insights and also determine the best course of action thereof.

9. Using Microsoft Dynamics GP you can devise a rapid and successful response to the evolving business conditions and stay on top of emerging market trends. It also provides comprehensive information from all areas of your business for accurate reporting and analysis, allowing managers to make sound decisions based on all pertinent factors.

10. Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with a stock of pre-formatted reports. It also supports reporting with Office Excel and SQL Server analytical capabilities, letting you efficiently publish and broadcast reports anywhere across the world.

Though not an exhaustive list of benefits, this list does make a strong case why small and medium enterprises should opt for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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