The Cost of ownership between Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP

ERP is a system which has been introduced to help businesses and organizations to manage their resources more efficiently. Traditionally, ERP systems are being deployed on-premise across different type of organizations, which even small businesses nowadays are finding their own success while implementing this software in their business.

Today, a more customizable and flexible version of ERP deployed using the cloud computing technology has to gain a lot of interests from companies who want to remain agile and mobile in their business. With both having their own advantages, the question of which of the two is a more cost-effective solution is what many companies are eager to find out.

There are different factors that should be considered to weigh down which these two different ERP deployment methods is a more viable option for your business:

  1. Licensing and Subscription Fee
  2. Installation & Set-Up Coast
  3. Training & Implementation Cost
  4. Ongoing Maintenance
  5. Customizations & Upgrades
  6. Electricity & Overhead

The choice between these two different ERP deployment options is a critical process which requires close monitoring from your end. With a lot of companies choosing cloud ERP software for their business, it is only matter of time until this mode of deployment becomes the industry standard today.

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