Top 5 ERP Challenges of a Food & Beverage CFO’s – Study

Workers in warehouse checking inventory data – CFO Challenges

We asked CFO’s what are the main pain points in your position?

Here is a summary of their answers:

  • The need to increase efficiency, improve cost controls and reduce risk in the company
  • Meeting my clients’ SLAs and resolving disputes
  • Shortening the order-to cash cycle Increasing cost of claims due to logistics inefficiencies
  • Bringing visibility to all of the business processes
  • Getting the right information in a timely manner so that I can make decisions in real time

Can this system be trusted to deliver accurate reports as my signature goes on the financials?

  • Reducing working capital
  • Finding risk-free options
  • Cost of ownership, cost of procurement and ease of procurement
  • Negotiating favorable procurement terms

Is that everything? Have we missed anything?

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