Accelerate Snacks Production Processes

Certus Food ERP software provides a dynamic and feature-rich ERP software solution for meeting the core efficiency needs of snack industry businesses. Our ERP application enables snack manufacturers to bolster their production efficiency and assure adherence to compliance standards. It is an offering designed to resolve all issues faced by a manufacturer with the aid of sophisticated business management technology. Utilizing our cutting-edge software lets snack company owners accelerate manufacturing processes to achieve radical business growth.
We have helped numerous snack businesses enhance batch management, allergen segregation, and organizing traceability. The features we offer through our ERP software for snack businesses include more than just tools to raise productivity. Incorporating our solution gives you a comprehensive overview of every production stage and enables effortless inter-departmental collaboration. It is an easy-to-use solution to speed up day-to-day operations and employ methods to ensure the meeting of stringent product quality standards. Certus Food ERP software offers a wide range of customization features to enable close control over your processes.
Warehouse Management – Catchweight

Manage expiry to ensure product quality and consistency

Every snack business owner knows the importance of using fresh and high-quality ingredients for manufacturing their products. Maintaining one’s standards becomes easier with our inventory software. We offer robust expiry management features that let you incorporate ingredient-stage expiry information. It helps you ensure that production goes ahead using ingredients with identical shelf lives. Our ERP software lets snack manufacturers utilize real-time data to instill a first expired first out (FEFO) protocol at your plant.
Plant Operations

Scheduling production activities to obtain efficiency

Scheduling fundamental production activities can make manufacturing management easier, faster and more streamlined. Our ERP solution helps you perform advanced scheduling based on parameters such as allergen segregation, shelf life, and manufacturing duration. We give you the scheduling tools required to boost your productivity, address unwanted time expenditures and achieve the best use of resources. You can get the best efficiency from available manpower resources through scheduling.
Sales / Rebates

Achieve better rebate program management

Certus Food ERP software helps snack manufacturing companies perform better management of customer rebates. Our features let you perform rebate management from the sales level page itself. You can effortlessly fetch precise sales data for making decisions regarding scheduling, purchasing, and several different operational aspects. Utilizing our software can help you effectively target customers and build better relationships through intelligent promotions.

Features of our snacks industry software include:

Achieve superior productivity and manage your finances better with Certus Food ERP solutions. Our software offers a wide variety of features that helps snack companies minimize downtime, maintain efficiency and push towards better growth. You can rely on it for the production of all types of snack products, such as chips, nuts, granola, popcorn, crackers, seeds, pretzels, and others. Control every step of production and generate favorable results for your business with the power of cloud-based ERP.
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