Accelerate Fish and Seafood Processing Management

Certus Food ERP offers a feature-packed ERP software solution to meet the key requirements of fish and seafood processing companies. It lets you bolster process efficiency radically and aids in meeting all seafood safety compliance requirements. Our cutting-edge offering adds a great deal of convenience to the management of critical processing operations for fish and seafood products. Its customization and advanced scheduling features facilitate greater productivity and faster operations. Enhance your processes with our sophisticated ERP solution for the fish and seafood industry.
Experience immediate efficiency benefits with Certus Food ERP software. It enables variable weight accountability and makes setting up quality and safety audits instant and effortless. Use our technology to create sustainable fish and seafood processing. Gain better control over all aspects of operations including portion control, pricing, catch weight, perishability, traceability, storage, and safety. Our ERP solution simplifies decision making and improves how you handle inventory, purchasing, sales, costing and compliance. It lets you get rid of unnecessary hurdles and boost your business growth dynamically.

Process grade-based payments for vendors

Making intelligent purchase decisions and staying on top of financial aspects is quite crucial for any fish and seafood industry company. Certus Food ERP software comes with powerful financial management tools with convenient customization features. It lets business owners establish purchasing component parameters for the weight and size of materials to determine vendor pay rates. Our ERP software facilitates instantaneous future sales and cost forecasting by fetching historical purchasing data. Fish and seafood processing business owners plan ahead to achieve favorable outcomes.

Establish safety audits at every step of production

Safety is a crucial aspect of ensuring product quality and compliance with the necessary quality standards. Our ERP software helps you establish safety audits throughout all stages of the production process. You can efficiently employ all essential precautions to keep your fish and seafood products safe for consumption. Using our safety audit features assures your business of hassle-free seafood safety standards compliance. Maintain full safety through the entire processing workflow with our ERP solution.
Warehouse Management – Catchweight

Use variable weight functionality for seafood processing

Considering differing cut sizes are important for determining the processing and pricing of fish and seafood products. Certus Food ERP solution gives its customers an intuitive variable weight feature for enhancing accountability through the processing and pricing stages. Using it can help you correctly price specific cut types and ensure that products are sold at the right prices. Generate better profitability for your fish and seafood business with this feature.

Features of Certus Food ERP software for fish and seafood businesses include:

Certus Food ERP software is an advanced solution to help fish and seafood industry businesses make the most of their resources and maintain peak efficiency. It enables you to accelerate all processing activities and streamline compliance effortlessly.
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