Achieve Higher Poultry Processing and Distribution Efficiency

Certus Food ERP provides a reliable and all-inclusive solution for poultry processing and distribution management. It offers a wide range of features to help poultry companies improve their operational efficiency and achieve food safety regulations compliance. Our agile ERP software can push your business to reach its growth potential and eliminate the key challenges it faces. With our application, poultry professors and distributors can fine-tune their processes, raise productivity, and reduce wastage.
Utilizing our ERP software for poultry processing ensures better and faster processes while adhering to quality standards. It is a modern solution with many features geared towards hassle-free management, tracking, and quality preservation. Businesses that use our ERP solution achieve greater variable weight accountability and can establish quality audits at the processing and deconstruction stages. Gain agility throughout processing and distribution phases with our state-of-the-art software. It can add efficiency to and organize the entirety of your workflow. Measure up to the ever-growing demands of the poultry industry with our inventive solution.

Harness the power of end-to-end lot traceability

Poultry processing workflows require a vast level of expertise and robust management skills, to ensure the quality and consistency of end products. Our ERP software complements your managerial skills with its end-to-end lot traceability feature. It enables poultry processing and distribution companies to perform precise tracking and management of materials, as they pass through the deconstruction and processing workflows. You can utilize its features to effortlessly trace back to the sources of varying product cuts, across all stages.

Set up customizable quality audits across processing stages

Quality is a major concern for companies operating in the poultry processing and distribution industry. Monitoring and adhering to specific quality standards have never been easier than with Certus Food ERP software. It offers you the convenience of establishing precise quality checking measures at key stages of the production process. Customizable audits can help you ascertain that adequate quality control steps are being performed by your staff. It assures you that the processed output is of high-quality.
Warehouse Management – Catchweight

Utilize variable weight functionality for pricing varying cut sizes

Varying cut sizes add another level of complexity when it comes to processing and pricing poultry products. This is why our ERP solution provides a cutting-edge variable weight feature to aid superior accountability and pricing following processing. It helps you price cuts with precision to ensure that the right products are being sold for the right prices. You can use this functionality to keep your business profitable.

Features of Certus Food ERP software for poultry processing and distribution include:

Certus Food ERP is an agile and modern solution to address the fundamental requirements of poultry industry businesses. The set of features offered through it makes processing and distribution management more convenient.
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