Reinvent Meat and Protein Processing and Distribution

Certus Food ERP software provides an inventive solution for processors and distributors in the meat and protein industry. Our offering raises meat processing and deconstruction efficiency and maximizes yield dynamically. Utilize our cutting-edge ERP software to effectively simplify the complexity of your meat processing operations. It helps you incorporate requisite steps for compliance with global safety regulations. Numerous businesses in the meat and protein processing industry rely on our ERP for its wide range of features.
Our ERP software offers a specific set of functionalities and tools to meet the requirements of meat processing and deconstruction companies. It facilitates precise variable weight measurement and accountability and lets you establish customized safety audits at key steps of the process. You can easily perform material tracing throughout the entirety of deconstruction and processing workflows. Our ERP solution helps you streamline processing to get products ready for retailing or supplying to food services. Enhance your operations and achieve greater growth for your business.
Warehouse Management – Catchweight

Achieve more efficient variable weight management

Varying product grades and sizes can make variable weight management a challenge. Certus Food ERP software provides a highly convenient variable weight functionality to get past any such hurdles. It facilitates swift individual weighing of processed materials and weighing them within the system. This helps you to be accountable for the actual value of product items. Variable weight management is one of the key strengths of our revolutionary ERP system for meat processing businesses. It can make a world of difference for your operations and overall sustainability.

Establish obligatory safety audits throughout production stages

Meat and protein processing and distribution companies prioritize the upholding of safety standards throughout their operations. Yet, adhering to safety standards can be arduous when attempting to scale up operations. Certus Food ERP software offers businesses the option of setting custom obligatory safety audit protocols at key processing workflow points. You can set up audits right from the pre-receipt stage to ensure that processed items are compliant with global food safety standard requirements.
Plant Operations

Improve yield management precision

Our ERP software solution provides several convenient features to help meat and protein industry businesses enhance their production costs radically. It offers you a comprehensive overview of your core production expenses through the analysis of processing, inventory and purchasing data. We give you a powerful system to stay on top of your pricing. Utilizing it will help to strategically designate prices that appeal to customers while maintaining profitability.

Features of Certus Food ERP software for meat processors and distributors include:

Optimize your meat and protein processing workflow with Certus Food ERP software. It can fit into any processing workflow for products including fresh, cured, chilled and cooked meats, and proteins. Achieve greater efficiency and better safety with our solution.
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