Enhance Confectionery Manufacturing Efficiency

Certus Food ERP software has a range of powerful features to help confectionery industry businesses meet their key requirements. It is a cutting-edge, cloud-based solution to help confectionery companies achieve peak efficiency and comply with the necessary global food safety compliance standards. The features and tools offered by our software let you radically enhance your production workflow, surpass key challenges, and produce better outcomes consistently. It can help your company achieve substantial long-term growth.
Our versatile ERP software solution designed for confectionery manufacturing and distribution companies offers a high level of customization and control for accelerating key activities. Utilizing our software features enables business owners to set up customized audits to maintain compliance with relevant food safety standards. It lets you perform all fundamental manufacturing and processing tasks effortlessly. Certus Food ERP software enables businesses to perform raw material tracking throughout all vital production stages. Allergen segregation also becomes incredibly easier using our ERP software.
Plant Operations

Manage bulk ingredients efficiently for speedier operations

Confectionery manufacturing companies prioritize the management of the bulk ingredients at the production and formulation stages. Our reliable ERP software solution provides several manufacturing management features to let business owners and workers stay in full control of all material movement and utilization details. This helps your business identify the necessary material levels for filling orders after materials are processed. Utilizing this information can help you instantly order more materials and modify future bulk orders. Managing your company’s bulk orders has never been easier.

Set packaging quarantine schedules to raise product safety

Food safety is considered among the most important aspects of any confectionery industry manufacturing and processing businesses. Our state-of-the-art ERP software solution aids businesses in accurately incorporating all necessary safeguards to preserve quality standards compliance. Its features can be relied upon to conduct controlled packaging to separate allergens from your raw materials. Certus Food ERP software is a comprehensive solution for achieving compliance with requisite global standards of safety. Use it to set custom schedules and notifications throughout the production and packaging stages.

Employ custom quality checks to maintain product quality

Adhering to relevant quality standards is not easy for many confectionery industry business owners, especially for managing numerous workflows within short deadlines. This is a key concern for confectionery companies as the quality is the single most important factor for customer satisfaction. Our ERP software alleviates all your quality concerns by letting you create and modify audit protocols across production stages. You can easily set up temperature, viscosity, formulation and other factors to maintain quality.

Features of our Certus Food ERP software for the confectionery industry include:

Our ERP software can aid confectionery manufacturing companies to experience rapid improvements in terms of productivity, efficiency and quality. It can help your business improve its growth potential dynamically.
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