Simplify Chocolate Production Workflows

Certus Food ERP software provides inventive features and functionality to meet the core requirements of chocolate industry manufacturers. Our integrated, cloud-based software solution helps companies in this sector obtain benchmark production efficiency and achieve compliance with specific global food safety standards. The tools and features you get from our software are all that you need to dynamically enhance production procedures and achieve substantial growth.
Our ERP software solution for chocolate manufacturing businesses offer a great degree of customization and close to streamline key processes. Utilizing our software helps businesses configure customized quality audits to ensure adherence to standards and carry out a key set of actions. You can effortlessly perform allergen segregation during production and conduct raw material tracing at all points of product manufacturing.
Plant Operations

Achieve optimal bulk ingredient management

Chocolate manufacturing businesses require precise measures for the management of bulk ingredients during production and formulation. Our ERP features for manufacturing management enables business owners and employees to gain a comprehensive overview of material movement and usage. This enables you to detect required material levels for order filling, following the processing of materials. You can use such information to effortlessly order more materials and tweak upcoming bulk orders. Managing bulk materials has never been more intuitive.

Quarantine packaging schedules for maximum product safety

Food safety is among the most critical aspects that have to be prioritized by any and all chocolate industry manufacturers. Our chocolate ERP solution helps you take all necessary safety steps with great precision to provide the assurance of quality maintenance. You can rely on our software features to perform controlled packaging to segregate allergens from your materials. We equip you with everything you need to achieve global security standards compliance, including the ability for setting customized schedules and notifications at the packaging stage.

Customized quality checks to ascertain product quality

Meeting quality standards is easier said than done when it comes to handling multiple production workflows within short time frames. But every chocolate manufacturer understands that this is a key requirement. We have also understood the complex nature of quality standard maintenance in this competitive industry. Our software enables businesses to generate and tweak quality check and audit protocols effortlessly, right from the material pre-receipt to the production stages. You can set checks for temperature, formulation, viscosity, and other parameters to assure quality.

Features of our Certus Food ERP software for the chocolate industry include:

Our software features can help your chocolate manufacturing business witness dynamic improvements in terms of efficiency, productivity and product quality maintenance. You can manage your business better, achieve considerable growth and outshine your competitors. Our ERP software specializes in handling production and compliance requirements for products such as different varieties and grades chocolates.
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