Bakery Production ERP Solution for Manufacturers and Distributors

Are you a bakery business owner looking for a comprehensive ERP software solution to streamline and enhance production? Certus Food ERP software is a versatile and dependable offering for businesses like yours. It has been designed to aid in the production of both fresh and frozen wholesale bakery items. Our agile ERP offering assists bakery industry companies to bolster operational productivity, ascertain compliance with global standards of food safety, and pave the path towards measurable business growth.
Our clients in the bakery sector continue reaping substantial benefits with respect to production procedure enhancements. We have equipped them with modern tools to help simplify the solutions and procedures to pain points. As a result, many of our clients have improved how they manage their bakeries. Some of the features you can look forward to including batch management tools, easier safety, quality audits system, and granular lot tracking. All of these offerings are complemented by a robust and reliable Customer Relationship Management System for bakery businesses.

Improved batch management for bakery businesses

Batch management is a MAJOR hassle for numerous bakery business owners, and the problems snowball as the product range grows. Our bakery ERP software solution optimizes batch management through its assortment of purpose-specific features. Real-time data integration drives scheduling, making sure that product batches meet precise material amount requirements, adhere to expiry times, and produce the highest quality of product outputs.
Plant Operations

Achieve rework accountability and optimize material usage

The core manufacturing or production stages require precise control and functionality to produce the intended results. Reducing wastage and fixing defects highlighted through inspections can help a bakery company save money and maintain product consistency. Our advanced bakery ERP software facilitates swift tracking of rework materials and systematic reuse for future batches. It helps your business achieve more precise forecasting and optimizes your decision-making capabilities.

Systematic quality checking at each step of bakery items production

Controlling product quality has never been more intuitive than with the quality checking features of our ERP solution. You can configure mandatory quality checking protocols at key stages of the production chain. Our software lets you set up checks for formulation temperatures, washdown processes, and then review finished items. You gain access to a comprehensive and easy-to-use system for administering and maintaining quality standards and all compliance requirements.

Features of Certus Food ERP software for bakery businesses include:

The features and functionality provided by Certus Food ERP software for bakery companies can propel your business towards assured and consistent growth. Utilizing our solutions can benefit your company whether you specialize in the production of snacks, bread, cakes or any other bakery products. It covers all aspects ranging from quality, production, scheduling, purchase planning, and compliance maintenance.
Consult our experts to get more information about our advanced bakery ERP solutions for your business.